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Tim Harford

Tim Harford is a member of the Financial Times editorial board. His column, “The Undercover Economist”, which reveals the economic ideas behind everyday experiences, is published in the Financial Times and syndicated around the world. He is also the only economist in the world to run a problem page, “Dear Economist”, in which FT readers’ personal problems are answered tongue-in-cheek with the latest economic theory.--from the author's website



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This is revolutionary stuff. Yet four years after the original Nature paper was published, Nature News had sad tidings to convey: the latest flu outbreak had claimed an unexpected victim—Google Flu Trends. After reliably providing a swift and accurate account of flu outbreaks for several winters, the theory-free, data-rich model lost its nose for where flu was going.
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The nice margin that Starbucks makes on their cappuccinos is due neither to the quality of the coffee nor to the staff: it’s location, location, location.
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The answer is that improved public transportation increases the alternatives to renting a place in the city. When a two-hour commute becomes a one-hour commute, and people are able to get a seat on the train instead of standing, some decide they’d rather save money and move out of Manhattan. Vacant apartments then appear on the market. Scarcity lessens, and rents fall. Improving commuter services wouldn’t just affect commuters; it would affect everyone involved in New York’s property market.


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Увлекательный гид по употреблению статистических данных; каждая глава красиво сконструирована — Тим ведёт читателя через большой и сложный пример из жизни (как главный специалист по Вермееру признал оригиналом фальшивку и почему же он был рад ошибаться; как Флоренс Найтингейл удалось бороться с мнением большинства врачей, согласно которому ничего нельзя поделать со смертностью от инфекционных заболеваний), и тд.
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