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Tina Yong

Tina Yong is a critical thinker with professional experience in administration, research, and community relations in the non-profit and education sector. She is a speaker of TED Talks and in the Political Science Honours program at the University of British Columbia.

Yong immigrated to Canada at the age of ten. She gained a deep appreciation for the country's multiculturalism but discovered assimilation to be a challenging process — one that is not talked about with nuance in mainstream diaspora discourse.

Tina Yong embarked on a personal and intellectual journey to understand the immigration experience and how it fits into today's sociopolitical landscape.

She is also a member of The Ubyssey, the largest student newspaper in Western Canada. Yong has a deep interest in gender equality and social activism. She is writing about the impacts of COVID-19 on campus and student relations.


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