Mikhail Bulgakov


“Bulgakov’s strong point was his ability to amplify the roots of man’s dementia, the howls of political pandemonium . . . a lively collection.” —The Washington Post Book World
Mikhail Bulgakov’s Diaboliad and Other Stories, comprised of Diaboliad, No. 13–The Elpit Workers’ CommuneA Chinese Tale, and The Adventures of Chichikov, serves as an excellent introduction to this renowned Russian satirist and playwright’s work.
Black comedy, biting social and political commentary, and Bulgakov’s unique narrative exuberance combine to tell the tales of labyrinthine post-Revolution bureaucracy; clashes between science, the intellectual class, and the state; and the high price to be paid for the promised utopian world of Communism in early Soviet Russia. Bulgakov’s signature eloquent skewering of the various shortcomings of the world around and within him can be found on every page, and horror and magic interweave in a constant dance of the absurd—a dance that would reach its highest point both stylistically and thematically in Bulgakov’s tour de force novel The Master and Margarita.
“One of the most original voices of the twentieth century.” —The Guardian, UK
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