Mikhail Bulgakov

A Young Doctor’s Notebook

From the author of The Master and Margarita, these semiautobiographical stories chronicle the darkly comic adventures of a physician in rural 1917 Russia.
Fresh from medical school in the winter of 1917, the young Dr. Bomgard assumes the role of the only doctor in a provincial Russian hospital. Dealing with a cases ranging from the horrific to the hilarious to the surreal, Bomgard recounts his solitary time practicing medicine among the superstitious, uneducated, and deeply suspicious populace of his new town.
He exhibits relentless patience and determination while fighting the daily uphill battle against the challenges of an inexperienced country doctor, including scouring ten textbooks at once hours before a complicated surgery; dealing with patients who either refuse to take their medicine or take it all at once; and handling a colleague with a dangerous morphine addiction. Somehow, despite the near-constant chaos, Bomgard continues to focus on the life-affirming moments that make his efforts worth the uncertainty, isolation, and lost sleep.
A semiautobiographical collection of short stories by author, playwright, and erstwhile physician Mikhail Bulgakov, A Young Doctor’s Notebook chronicles the author’s experiences practicing in a small village hospital in Smolensk Governorate in revolutionary Russia between 1916 and 1918, originally published in installments in Russian medical journals, and later adapted into the British TV series starring Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm.
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    Clever people have been pointing out for a long time that happiness is like good health: when it’s there, you don’t notice it. But when the years have passed, how you do remember happiness, oh, how you do remember it!
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    How absurd and terrifying it is to live on earth!
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    And those ten minutes were more help to me than everything I had read on obstetrics for the state exams, in which I had been awarded a top mark for that very obstetrics

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