This Is How It Begins, Joan Dempsey
    Her Sister's Tattoo, Ellen Meeropol
    Trash Mountain, Bradley Bazzle
    Solar Plexus, Rustam Ibragimbekov
    Minding Her Boss's Business, Janice Maynard
    A Pregnancy Scandal, Kat Cantrell
    Sunshine on an Open Tomb, Tim Kinsella
    THE DEAD, James Joyce
    Anne Boleyn, Evelyn Anthony
    Home Is Nearby, Magdalena McGuire
    The Crossroads Brotherhood, Robert Fabbri
    Fire Logic, Laurie J. Marks
    Alien Virus Love Disaster, Abbey Mei Otis
    The Squares of the City, John Brunner
    The Boss and His Cowgirl, James Silver
    The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today, Mark Twain
    The Grand Design, John Dos Passos
    The Great Days, John Dos Passos
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