Write to Sell. The ultimate guide to great copywriting, Andy Maslen
Andy Maslen

Write to Sell. The ultimate guide to great copywriting

How do you persuade someone to buy from you just by writing to them? What does effective copywriting look like — and sound like? Write to Sell has the answers! Read this book and you’ll learn: • The confidence and skills to write better copy
• New ways to gain readers’ attention, respect and trust
• Hints and tips on turning selling skills into copywriting skills
• Simple techniques to improve the readability of your copy
• The impact of design and layout on copywriting
• The meaning of good written English — the rules you must follow, the rules you can safely ignore “If I were starting out as a writer tomorrow, I would definitely want to read this book. I pretty much taught myself most of the tricks all those years ago — and it took me far too long! Had I read this book, it would have saved me years of trial and, for the most part, error.” — Drayton Bird, the godfather of direct marketing
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Here are just some of the people I have had to get to know, understand and reach out to
valeriasoriahat Zitat gemachtletztes Jahr
The only thing that will get their attention and keep it is a message aimed squarely at them—their interests, their concerns, their lives. A message delivered in such effortlessly good English that they don't notice the writing, just the content.
Yoga Ferolisa
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A simple tip is to say “there are those …” if you need to refer to a wider group of prospects.

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