Empty Bottles Full of Stories, Robert M.Drake, r.h. Sin
Robert M.Drake,r.h. Sin

Empty Bottles Full of Stories

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What are you hiding behind your smile? If those empty bottles that line the walls of your room could speak, what tales would they spill? So much of your truth is buried beneath the lies you tell yourself. There’s a need to scream to the moon; there’s this urge to go out into the darkness of the night to purge. There are so many stories living inside your soul, you just want the opportunity to tell them. And when you can’t find the will to express what lives within your heart, these words will give you peace. These words will set you free.
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Real is real
and what you do
means nothing
if you do not understand
why you do
the things you have
and what you
have given up
and lost
for a chance to love
ciavazzirihat Zitat gemachtletzten Monat
Distance has a funny way
of reminding you
how close two people
could either grow apart
or grow closer together.
And now you’re gone
and I am here
if letting you go
was the right thing
to do.
I just hope
that somewhere,
in some thread of time,
you’re doing okay.
So, in the meantime,
I will be thinking
of you
and I will be missing you
and I will be hoping
that some way,
some how,
you’d find
the inspiration needed
to find your way
back home.
Dyah Retno Mutia
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People want to heal.

They want to know

how the stars

ended up on their hands,

how the comets soar

through their eyes,

and how the flowers grow

within their hearts . . .
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