Stuff I've Been Feeling Lately, Alicia Cook
Alicia Cook

Stuff I've Been Feeling Lately

Structured like an old-school mix-tape, Stuff I've Been Feeling Lately is Alicia Cook's lyric message to anyone who has dealt with addiction. "Side A" touches on all aspects of the human condition: life, death, love, trauma, and growth. "Side B" contains haunting black-out remixes of those poems.
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You want the happily ever after

you always thought you deserved,

but the only thing actually promised

in this life is uncertainty.
Emily Morgan
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The new normal is rarely an easy adjustment and never truly feels, well, normal.

Let’s be honest.

Plan B is never preferred.
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It’s one thing to have a support system in your life to cheer you on during the instances when everyone is rooting for you. However, it’s another thing entirely to look back in your darkest moments and still see them standing in your corner, encouraging you to stay in the ring and FIGHT, when the odds aren’t in your favor and all you want to do is throw in the towel.

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