Tom Fowler

Lost Highway

She’s missing, and she’ll soon be completely gone.

For John Tyler, the clock is ticking.

While waiting for his new car repair shop to open, Tyler takes a job at an old friend’s urging. He’ll be on the protection detail for pop singer Alex Anne.

It’s a simple job . . . until it all goes sideways.

When Alex Anne disappears, Tyler ignores the official investigation and launches his own. He discovers a notorious group of traffickers targeted the singer to sell her to the highest bidder.

After Tyler pursues the cabal, they soon learn his very pretty daughter is in college nearby. With time running short, Tyler strikes at the heart of the group’s operation before they can disappear with a plane full of missing girls. He’ll have to take on all their men by himself.

Good thing he never cared about the odds.

Lost Highway is the third novel in the John Tyler action thriller series. It’s perfect for readers who like their thrillers with plenty of action, a little humor, and a little heart.
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