Tom Fowler

Hope has a Happy Meal (NHB Modern Plays)

Years and years ago, Hope disappeared. Now, she's back. To find something she left behind.
But in the People's Republic of Koka Kola — a world of dwindling resources, corruption and corporate giants — what happens to Hope?
A surreal and frenetic quest through a hyper-capitalist country, Tom Fowler's play Hope has a Happy Meal premiered at the Royal Court Theatre, London, in June 2023, directed by Lucy Morrison, in a co-production with SISTER.
'A theatrical spectacle… Fowler's writing zips off the page' — WhatsOnStage
'A poignant, offbeat satire that unfolds with the daft, disjointed logic of a dream, full of sudden, unlikely plot twists and surreal asides' — The Stage
'Tom Fowler is a writer with a knack for comedy… Hope Has a Happy Meal is part Thelma and Louise, part reverse-Wizard of Oz, balancing wit and nightmares' — Guardian
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