Do Design, Alan Moore
Alan Moore

Do Design

So much passes us by, unnoticed. We multi-task, switch between screens, work faster. When was the last time you paused to consider a beautifully made object or stunning natural landscape? Yet this is when our spirits lift, our soul is restored.

Designer Alan Moore invites us to rethink what we produce — whether it's a website, a handmade chair, or a business — and how we go about it. With examples including Apple, Pixar and Blitz motorcycles, we are encouraged to ask: Is it useful and considered. Is it a thing of beauty?
Do Design will inspire you to: Improve your creative process / Raise the quality and craft of your work / Consider the experience as much as the product / Adopt simplicity, utility and honesty as guiding principles.

We are creative beings. We love to make things. This book will inspire you to create better things for better reasons. Things that people will love — for a long time to come. Some say beauty is a luxury. But what if it is key to creating a better world for us all?

'An excellent guide to the essence of beauty — the freedom to create it and an argument for its power and importance to the soul.' Tim Smit, co-founder of The Eden Project
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Anna Maker
Anna Makerhat einen Ersteindruck geteiltletzten Monat

Easy information and nice tips on beauty, its role and importance in sustainable development.

Nadezhda Potapova
Nadezhda Potapovahat einen Ersteindruck geteiltvor 7 Monaten
💡Viel gelernt

Truly good wise book. Not boring, dynamic and it worth it to read.

Laura Garcia
Laura Garciahat einen Ersteindruck geteiltletztes Jahr

Greatly inspiring material!


Aleksandra Janković
Aleksandra Janković hat Zitat gemachtvor 5 Monaten
We were all born inherently creative. We all have the capacity to bring beautiful things into this world and should be unapologetic about wanting to create them, whatever they are
Sergihat Zitat gemachtvor 8 Monaten
The effort to create enduring beauty is not dependent on style but truth. Beauty is what lends things their immortality.
Marcelahat Zitat gemachtvor 3 Tagen
would like to invite you to journey with me to explore how we can design and create beautiful products, services, art and culture, stuff filled with so much optimism that it lifts us up

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