Marty Jopson

Marty Jopson is a British science TV presenter and author. He is best known as the science reporter on the BBC1 flagship program, The One Show.

Marty Jopson is originally from the South of London. He attended Cambridge University to study Natural Sciences (Botany) and then did a PhD in plant cell biology at the John Innes Institute in Norwich.

Jopson has been working in television for eighteen years, since his first job building props and performing stage science around the UK for twenty years.

He authored three non-fiction books: The Science of Everyday Life (2015), The Science of Food (2017), and The Science of Being Human (2019).

Marty Jopson lives in Yorkshire.

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But evolution is not a process of increasing complexity, nor any other measure of superiority you can find.
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he system was invented back in 1735 by one of the great scientists of the eighteenth century, a Swedish naturalist called Carl Linnaeus
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none of us is an island and we all live out our lives surrounded by other humans.


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