Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert
Elizabeth Gilbert

Big Magic

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Readers of all ages and walks of life have drawn inspiration from Elizabeth Gilbert's books for years. Now, this beloved author shares her wisdom and unique understanding of creativity, shattering the perceptions of mystery and suffering that surround the process — and showing us all just how easy it can be.
By sharing stories from her own life, as well as those from her friends and the people that have inspired her, Elizabeth Gilbert challenges us to embrace our curiosity, tackle what we most love and face down what we most fear.
Whether you long to write a book, create art, cope with challenges at work, embark on a long-held dream, or simply to make your everyday life more vivid and rewarding, Big Magic will take you on a journey of exploration filled with wonder and unexpected joys.
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Vera Roiter
Vera Roiterhat einen Ersteindruck geteiltvor 3 Jahren
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Важная книга.При этом она совершенно не только для писателей и людей творческих профессий.Слушала её в исполнении самой Гилберт на Audible -прекрасно читает и добавляет ещё яркости. Одна из немногих книг которую хочется купить в бумаге,чтобы положить на стол и перечитывать отрывки каждый день.

Катя Шебедя
Катя Шебедяhat einen Ersteindruck geteiltvor 4 Jahren
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Творите, ради того чтобы творить! Делайте себя и мир лучше и ярче и ничего не бойтесь!

Taila Adzo Enyonam Senanu
Taila Adzo Enyonam Senanuhat einen Ersteindruck geteiltletztes Jahr
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Is it terribly uncreative to say that this book was inspiring?

b2935330187hat Zitat gemachtvor 2 Jahren
I firmly believe that we all need to find something to do in our lives that stops us from eating the couch. Whether we make a profession out of it or not, we all need an activity that is beyond the mundane and that takes us out of our established and limiting roles in society (mother, employee, neighbor, brother, boss, etc.). We all need something that helps us to forget ourselves for a while—to momentarily forget our age, our gender, our socioeconomic background, our duties, our failures, and all that we have lost and screwed up.
I noticed that my fear never changed, never delighted, never offered a surprise twist or an unexpected ending.
And you have treasures hidden within you—extraordinary treasures—and so do I, and so does everyone around us. And bringing those treasures to light takes work and faith and focus and courage and hours of devotion, and the clock is ticking, and the world is spinning, and we simply do not have time anymore to think so small.
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