The Big Thing, Phyllis Korkki
Phyllis Korkki

The Big Thing

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A New York Times business journalist explains why it’s important for people to pursue big creative projects, and identifies both the obstacles and the productive habits that emerge on the path to completion—including her own experience writing this book.
Whether it’s the Great American Novel or a groundbreaking new app, many people want to create a Big Thing, but finding the motivation to get started, let alone complete the work, can be daunting. In The Big Thing, New York Times business writer and editor Phyllis Korkki combines real-life stories, science, and insights from her own experience to illuminate the factors that drive people to complete big creative projects—and the obstacles that threaten to derail success.
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Minda Peralta
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Today we are pressured by social media to present an artificial self, in the form of posts and tweets, YouTube videos, and Instagrams. Some people mold and remold their online selves, the better to receive likes and thumbs-up, tweets, and other forms of approval.
Peter Steffensen
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But here is one of many paradoxes that surround the Big Thing: ego may also be holding you back—and it may be the ultimate in narcissism not to do your Big Thing. Because when you don’t do
Валерия Кужель
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may be too shy to tell other people about our creative goal, so no one even knows to expect something. If we do tell others, they may show polite or even genuine interest. But these people are not going to demand that we hand in our project at a certain time. That’s what makes it so hard.
But that’s also what makes it so important. Big Things aren’t decided by employers or clients. They come from deep inside us, and reflect our personal talents, values, and points of view. They are a way for us to order our experience, and to connect and amplify the moments of our lives. But too often they remain obscured by the demands and distractions of everyday life, and by fears of failure.
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