Phyllis Korkki

The Big Thing

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    Keisha Baldonadohat Zitat gemachtvor 8 Monaten
    We may be too shy to tell other people about our creative goal, so no one even knows to expect something.
    Minda Peraltahat Zitat gemachtletztes Jahr
    Today we are pressured by social media to present an artificial self, in the form of posts and tweets, YouTube videos, and Instagrams. Some people mold and remold their online selves, the better to receive likes and thumbs-up, tweets, and other forms of approval.
    Alisa-Natalia Loginovahat Zitat gemachtvor 3 Jahren
    My present self has a tendency to ask: Why must you create? Why can’t you just be? When I actively avoid working on my Big Thing, food tastes better and movies on the Lifetime channel seem unusually compelling.
    b8826159080hat Zitat gemachtvor 19 Tagen
    139 “Kafka’s job, while imposing an onerous routine”: Ernst Pawel, The Nightmare of Reason: A Life of Franz Kafka (New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1984), 174–75
    b8826159080hat Zitat gemachtvor 20 Tagen
    Water for Elephants, by Sara Gruen; The Night Circus, by Erin Morgenstern; and Wool, by Hugh Howey.
    b8826159080hat Zitat gemachtvor 21 Tagen
    have come to realize that the most important thing to do in order to finish a big creative project is this: understand what motivates you, and create a structure to support th
    b8826159080hat Zitat gemachtvor 21 Tagen
    y recent research, would gradually become automatic and then be off-loaded to my basal ganglia in the form of a habit.
    But app
    b8826159080hat Zitat gemachtvor 21 Tagen
    How much better a book would this have been if I gotten up every single day from 7 to 9 a.m. to work on it, and again in the evening from 9 to 10?
    That had been my fantasy at the start of this project. Instead, on many, many mornings, despite having planned, even vowed, to work on the book, I lolled in my bed, played with my cat, read a Scandinavian mystery, and fell back asleep.
    Beautiful wisps of sentences appeared in my head as I lay in bed. I must write them down, I thought, but not yet. It felt so good to lie down, basking in the potential of my words.
    And then, once I got up, there were things I needed to check: my email, my Facebook, my Twitter account, the papers, Match.com. After I had done all these things, it would be time to go to work, or, if it was the weekend, to go back to bed and read.
    b8826159080hat Zitat gemachtvor 22 Tagen
    power of increments, no matter how erratically they may accrue
    b8826159080hat Zitat gemachtletzten Monat
    Masters and Young Geniuses
    b8826159080hat Zitat gemachtletzten Monat
    mber carrying around Sartre’s Being and Nothingness,
    b8826159080hat Zitat gemachtletzten Monat
    he Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget understood the importance of play and fantasy in the development of young children. As Gardner points out, some of the greatest creators seem never to have left this stage behind but rather tended it and kept it pure, while also integrating it into their more mature endeavors.
    In her book Creativity in Context, the Harvard professor Teresa Amabile says that “families most likely to foster creativity in children are characterized by a low level of authoritarianism and restrictiveness, an encouragement of independence, and a somewhat cool interpersonal distance between parents and
    b8826159080hat Zitat gemachtletzten Monat
    any inventors credit long walks in the woods as sources of inspiration, she said.)
    b8826159080hat Zitat gemachtletzten Monat
    Woman Power from Earth into Spac
    b8826159080hat Zitat gemachtletzten Monat
    compelled “to build the Garden of Eden in their backyard, and ev
    b8826159080hat Zitat gemachtletzten Monat
    One of our philosophies around the house is to be a creative producer more than creative consumer,” her father said. Autumn said she urges young people to “take this time, which is so precious, their childhood, to devote to something that they love.”
    b8826159080hat Zitat gemachtletzten Monat
    Focus on how much you love it.
    b8826159080hat Zitat gemachtletzten Monat
    hours each.
    I was in awe of her passion and commitment. In my creaky voice I asked her: “Do you have any advice for me? I’m trying to write this book and I hate it! It’s so hard to get up every day and work on it.”
    “Make a game out of it!” she said. Instead of focusing on the bad parts, the scary parts, focus on what’s fun, she advised. Sometimes, she said, when she has two weeks to finish a painting, she pretends she has only one week instead: as a game, she tricks her brain into deceiving time.
    When she works, Autumn says, she enters something called “the white room.” “It’s not a real place,” she told me. “Whenever I am focused I go into this place and it’s a room and it’s all white, and there’s not even a door. There’s nothing in it. When I’m focused I can go to this place and I can spend hours there if I just stay in that one spot.” From that spot her paintings emerge.
    “Do you ever get frustrated?” I asked her. “Yes, all the time!” she answered in an upbeat tone. When she’s not happy with the way a painting is turning out, she said, she tries to find a way of altering it rather than scrapping it. Sometimes “it turns into something that I never could have imagined and it’s a million times better than what I had envisioned.”
    I could see why Autumn
    b8826159080hat Zitat gemachtletzten Monat
    ay and work on it.”
    “Make a game out of it!” she said. Instead of focusing on the bad parts, the scary parts, focus on what’s fun, she advised. Sometimes, she said, when she has two weeks to finish a painting, she pretends she has only one week instead:
    b8826159080hat Zitat gemachtletzten Monat
    how many other prodigies are out there whose parents don’t have the means or the motivation to nurture their child’s unusual gifts.
    Certainly it has bee
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