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Steven Schuster

Mindset Makeover

Think critically. Improve your decision-making. Control your thoughts. Sort out irrational fears.

Cluttered, neurotic thoughts invade our mind more often than we realize and we end up living our life in anxiety, triggered by thoughts that are unfounded and are easily avoidable. Mindset Makeover will highlight the main cognitive mistakes we make and how to change them for peace of mind.

Stop reacting based on your old mindset.

Your mindset becomes so internalized that it makes decisions without you being aware of it. But do you have more bad habits than good?
This book will help you discover how your mindset is working against you. Aided by scientifically proven research and practices, Mindset Makeover will help improve your critical thinking skills, and develop better judgment in battling self-sabotaging thoughts. Learn how to face and solve your problems in a constructive way.
Mindset Makeover is a thought-provoking, science-backed guide which guarantees a complete change of worldview. Find what are the thinking quirks holding you back from quick, rational thinking and decision making and change your life for the better.

Change the one thing that will improve your life most dramatically — your mindset.

•Switch from an inward mindset to a less self-centered one.
Find and fix the thoughts behind your personal ineffectiveness.
•Learn the easiest and quickest form of meditation.
The counterintuitive reasons why the attacks you perceive aren’t actually about you.

Learn to “thrive in an unknowable future.”

•The surprising benefits of ditching exceptionalism.
The real reason behind your stormy emotions.
•The difference between being neurotic or psychotic.
10 methods to use neuroplasticity to rewire your brain.

Having a clear mind you’ll find better solutions to your problems.

•You’ll think more creatively.
You will see opportunities where you saw only obstacles before.
•You won’t feel like the target of everybody’s criticism anymore.
You’ll have better judgment and a less self-centered worldview.
•You’ll get better intuition and predict events more accurately.
Mindset Makeover won’t help you reinvent the wheel, but will show you how to improve your personal relationships, release you from fears, and show you a different approach to life.

Start shifting your mindset NOW.
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    fight-or-flight response
  • Masha0204hat Zitat gemachtvor 6 Monaten
    Another typical characteristic of the emotional mind is its strong sense of conviction that its decisions are correct
  • Masha0204hat Zitat gemachtvor 6 Monaten
    While the thinking brain comfortably analyses the situation, your emotional brain already responded to the situation. I said responded, not resolved

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