Playlist for the Dead, Michelle Falkoff
Michelle Falkoff

Playlist for the Dead

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Part mystery, part love story, and part coming-of-age tale in the vein of The Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Spectacular Now.
There was a party. There was a fight. The next morning, Sam's best friend, Hayden, was dead. And all he left Sam was a playlist of songs and a suicide note: For Sam—listen and you'll understand. To figure out what happened, Sam has to rely on the playlist and his own memory. But the more he listens, the more he realizes that his memory isn't as reliable as he thought. And it might only be by taking out his earbuds and opening his eyes to the people around him that he'll finally be able to piece together his best friend's story. And maybe have a chance to change his own.
Playlist for the Dead is an honest and gut-wrenching first novel about loss, rage, what it feels like to outgrow a friendship that's always defined you—and the struggle to redefine yourself. But above all, it's about finding hope when hope seems like the hardest thing to find.
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b2198850707hat einen Ersteindruck geteiltvor 2 Jahren

loved it!

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Sam Cuellar
Sam Cuellarhat einen Ersteindruck geteiltletztes Jahr

I could move again, though I didn’t want to anymore. Moving meant I was awake, and being awake meant Hayden was really dead, and I wasn’t quite ready to admit that yet.
randomuserhat Zitat gemachtvor 8 Monaten
Everyone might pretend to care now, but it was too late.
Jovana Sremac
Jovana Sremachat Zitat gemachtletztes Jahr
But it was such a dinky little thing, and with my coordination it would probably bounce off the window without breaking so much as a pane of glass and hit me in the face.

Oof same

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