Reactive Programming with JavaScript, Jonathan Hayward
Jonathan Hayward

Reactive Programming with JavaScript

Learn the hot new front-end web framework from Facebook: ReactJS, an easy way of developing the V in MVC and a better approach to software engineering in JavaScript
About This BookLearn to develop webapps for Facebook's front-end development using ReactJSUse functional reactive programming with ReactJSEasyto understand, comprehensive with in-depth coverage of practical examplesWho This Book Is ForIf you are proficient with JavaScript and want to know about functional programming, reactive programming, functional reactive programming, and the Facebook approach to functional reactive programming then this book is for you.
This book is also for web/front-end developers who would like webapps to be developed faster and more easily using the ReactJS framework.
Basic knowledge of JavaScript is expected.
What You Will LearnLearn functional reactive programming with JavaScript for non-mathematiciansExperience Facebook's primary front-end framework, ReactJSUsing the tools Facebook uses to build a better site in less timeCreate and implement Node.jsDelve into the development of webapps using ReactJSImplementation of FRP ReactJS with live examplesIn DetailReactive programming is carried out using the building blocks of functional programming. JavaScript libraries such as ReactJS are used for front-end web development that is both competent and powerful. ReactJS is intensively being used to develop webapps for Facebook.
This title is among the first of those addressing how everyday programmers can take advantage of (functional) reactive programming without having an extremely heavy mathematical background. It starts with the basics a front-end developer can easily connect with, while also covering the basics of functional programming. Then it goes on to explain non-functional reactive programming with the help of a live example. After that it gives a theoretical overview of reactive programming supported by functional programming. Tools to make functional reactive programming easier like Bacon.js, a library like jQuery, are also covered. Finally, it finishes with building one small and one larger front-end project.
Style and approachA rounded and multifaceted approach covers reactive JavaScript with Facebook's ReactJS. The author's lively approach makes the book even more engaging. Also, with easy-to-understand examples, readers will learn how to use functional reactive programming with JavaScript.
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