Functional Programming in JavaScript, Dan Mantyla
Dan Mantyla

Functional Programming in JavaScript

This is a fast-paced guide that will help you to write real-world applications by utilizing a wide range of functional techniques and styles.
The book first explores the core concepts of functional programming common to all functional languages, with examples of their use in JavaScript. It's followed by a comprehensive roundup of functional programming libraries for JavaScript that minimizes the burden of digging deep into JavaScript to expose a set of tools that makes functional programming not just possible but highly convenient. The book then rounds off with an overview of methods to effectively use and mix functional programming with object-oriented programming.
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Ingrid Belan
Ingrid Belanhat Zitat gemachtletztes Jahr
While imperative code tells the machine, step-by-step, what it needs to do to solve the problem, functional programming instead seeks to describe the problem mathematically so that the machine can do the rest
.hat Zitat gemachtletztes Jahr
As you can see, this code is very basic. What if there were many more coffee styles than just the three we have here? What if there were 20? 50? What if, in addition to size, there were organic and non-organic options. That could increase the lines of code extremely quickly!
Using this method, we are telling the machine what to print for each coffee type and for each size. This is fundamentally what is wrong with imperative code.

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