Valerie Pierce

Focus: The Art of Clear Thinking

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Focus is natural. We are born with an instinct to focus on exactly what we want and a very strong pair of lungs to help us to get it. Then, somewhere along the way, we begin to lose that focus.

In the digital age we are bombarded with information from all angles and live our lives at such a breakneck pace that it sometimes seems that our lives are completely out of our control.

In three easy steps this book teaches the reader how to regain control through the art of clear thinking:

1) FOCUS eliminate information overload

2) TRANSFORM negative thinking into positive action

3) THINK CLEARLY in the moment

The author shows how you can use this strategy to achieve your goals in work and in life.
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    Very good

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    Maybe...I should read this again...very good self help wise


    Aleksandrhat Zitat gemachtvor 6 Jahren
    To make the impossible possible there is a simple phrase to help you focus your best thinking on reaching your goals. It is ‘No, because = Yes, if’
    Aleksandrhat Zitat gemachtvor 6 Jahren
    When working with this DNA thinking model it is very important that you remember three things to make it successful:
    1. You must have a clear goal.
    2. Allow your negative thoughts to flow out of your mind in any random order. As you feel them, write them down.
    3. Before you begin to work on overcoming your negative thoughts, it is extremely important to rank them, from the easiest negative to deal with first, down to the most difficult. Your obstacles are then considered and ranked in descending order of how easy they are to overcome.
    bestyunqihat Zitat gemachtvor 6 Jahren
    So belief and genuine need are two qualities which are necessary to help us remain focused on what we want.

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