Sherrill Bodine

My Lord's Lady

A stubborn Lord and Lady find themselves find themselves opening up to love while closed off from an epidemic in this Regency romance novella.
While the widow Lady Georgina has no interest in pursuing another union, her meddling friend Tildie has found the man she believes to be Georgina’s perfect match: the handsome widower Lord Vane. But from the start of the London Season, Georgina and Vane are immediately at odds.
The Lord’s cool countenance annoys Georgina to no end, while Lord Vane has no desire for his orderly routine to be upended by the passionate Lady Georgina. But when the Season is interrupted by an epidemic, they are forced to remain together under quarantine. While they seem destined to be at each other’s throats, they may find that they prefer each other’s lips.
My Lord’s Lady originally appeared in the anthology Autumn Loves under the pseudonym Leslie Lynn.
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