Sherrill Bodine

The Christmas Ball

A shy stepsister finds her happily ever after when she plays Cinderella at a Christmas masquerade ball in this Regency romance novella.
Outshone by a gregarious stepsister and overbearing stepmother, Lady Athena Cummins is accustomed to fading into the shadows. Beloved only by her youngest sister Persephone, Athena has accepted her destiny as a spinster. But Persephone has a different scheme in mind, and conspires to send Athena out for one night of fun at Lord Finchley’s masquerade Christmas Ball.
The masked beauty immediately catches the Lord’s eye. But after a magical night of dancing and conversation, the charming mystery woman disappears. Determined to avoid the wrath of her stepsister, Athena must lead Lord Finchley on a wild chase to discover her true identity.
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