Neil Mars

The Keys to Super Intelligence: How to Think Like a Genius and Increase the Iq Naturally

Our life consists in a permanent quest for a more uplifting and rich experience. We love to travel, listen to music, talk to others, and mostly create.
We all love to create something, either a family, a business or an impact on society with what we do. We desire respect, recognition and appreciation. And, this is why we love to be praised, admired and receive gifts.
All these things contribute to our evolution as a human being, as a species and as a spiritual being, and that’s why they all directly affect our IQ.
Although others have divided our brain in IQ, EQ, and many other Qs, they are all connected.
Therefore, although we may separate our brain in parts for a more specific analysis, it would be unwise and unreasonable to try to judge someone’s IQ without taking into consideration his emotions and lifestyle, because they affect our IQ, but foremost and above anything, our decisions.
The way we make decisions is affected by our IQ level, and that’s why the IQ test is so important in recruitment processes.
Nevertheless, we can improve our IQ by improving the way we make decisions and this is only possible with the development of thought patterns through self-surviving activities.
We already know that anyone learns fast when our life depends on it, when we need a job to pay our bills and food in the table, but few know that we learn much faster when motivated with positive stimulation, such as dreams, ambitions and desires.
Few people know that we can’t change unless we desire it, but such desire can’t be faked or imagined. This is why honesty is the key to radical transformations in life.
When we hear about stories regarding rags to riches and how some individuals have made it out of nowhere to achieve their dreams, we’re noticing the impact that an action fueled by desire has in one’s life. And, even though some people may seem special when compared to others, they’re not as much if we notice how unmotivated most of the rest is.
Most people have learned to accept what they have as a fact, and for this reason they can’t and won’t ever change their status. Their personality is directly linked to their believe system, so they also attribute their results to the character that they’ve learned to accept.
This is why being a loser is a state of mind, not a condition. We are who we choose to be, literally.
We’re not what we have but what we accept. So, the IQ isn’t as valid as what we accept or believe to deserve.
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    Our life consists in a permanent quest for a more uplifting and rich experience.

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