Get Your Shit Together, Vicki Vrint
Vicki Vrint

Get Your Shit Together

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.'

Mark Twain

Organise your stuff and organise your life – you'll soon see the results.

This book tells you exactly how to get your sh*t together, so you can be the best version of yourself.

Use its winning blend of super-achievable life hacks, motivating quotations and lots of good sh*t to kick-start your transformation.
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Valeria Degtiarenko
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Hang items that go together on one hanger, so that you can grab an outfit quickly rather than choosing random garments and spending the day looking as if you got dressed in the dark
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1 Do I love it?
2 Do I wear it?
3 Does it project the image I want to project?
4 Does it itch or scratch?
5 Can I actually move in it comfortably?
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1 Get rid of the stuff you don’t need/love.
2 Organise the stuff you do need/love.
3 Have fun.

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