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Dr. Jacob Franz Field is an English historian of the early modern period, author, lecturer, and researcher. He has written several works of popular history, including an account of the impact of the Great Fire of London, which was the focus of his first academic monograph.

Jacob F. Field was born in Lambeth, south London. He studied modern history at the University of Oxford, after which he undertook postgraduate study at Newcastle University, receiving his MLitt there in 2005.

The same year Jacob Field was awarded an Arts and Humanities Research Council grant to research and write his doctoral thesis on the socio-economic impact of the Great Fire of London, for which he received his Ph.D. from Newcastle in 2008.

Jacob F. Field has overwritten for National Geographic, Michael O'Mara, Quercus, Thames & Hudson, Dorling Kindersley, and Routledge. He has written several popular history books on different subjects, including European history, Winston Churchill, and the D-Day Landings.

He is best known for One Bloody Thing After Another: The World's Gruesome History (2012). The most recent was A Short History of the World in 50 Animals, published in 2021.

He has also written a book about economics entitled, Is Capitalism Working? (2018).

Now Jacob F. Field teaches History and Economics at the secondary and tertiary levels. In his academic work, he is specifically interested in the economic and social history of England from the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries.

In addition, he is interested in how societies respond to disasters, the history of migration, and transport networks.

Jacob says he enjoys teaching any aspect of early modern history, especially the Industrial Revolution.

Jacob Franz Field lives and works in London.
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