Sherrill Bodine

The Duke's Deceit

A case of amnesia and a desperate lie are the start to an irresistible tale of love in this Regency romance from the author of Scandal’s Child.
When Mary Masterton gazes into the eyes of a handsome stranger and informs him that they’re engaged, he has no reason to doubt her. After all, his head injury has resulted in a complete loss of memory. Mary, however, clearly remembers the stable fire and the brave man who saved her prized horses—this man before her now, who has unwittingly become her fiancé to thwart the advances of a loathsome suitor.
Richard’s signet ring is the only clue to the stranger’s true identity as the Duke of Avalon. Determined to reclaim his past, he begs Mary to accompany him on a journey to track down the ring’s meaning. Having rescued herself from a loveless marriage and the plans of her scheming relatives, Mary once more faces a seemingly hopeless situation. But as she falls deeply in love with Richard, she vows to tell him the truth. If only the truth were as simple as deceit.
“A talented author with a real gift for linking the modern reader to the glamorous past.” —RT Book Reviews
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