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Patrick King

Improve Your Conversations

Does your mind blank in conversation and create awkward silence? Do you run out of things to say and struggle to keep dialogue flowing?

(A) Conversation isn’t scripted, (B) it’s 100% unpredictable, and © it can be terrifying at times. How do you prepare for such a thing? By learning how to apply improv comedy techniques to roll with any punch and improve your conversations and social interactions.

Become quicker and more clever in daily conversation.

Improv(e) Your Conversations teaches the ingenious rules of improv comedy that allow performers to turn boring prompts into memorable interactions worthy of standing ovations. This means there are real frameworks and templates to escape interview mode small talk — and start connecting and building rapport from the moment you say “Hello.” This book goes through over 15 of the most helpful and insightful improv comedy techniques with countless real-life examples to make you a great talker.

Learn the conversational secrets of the world’s best comedians.

Electric, flowing conversation doesn’t just happen, and no one knows that better than Patrick King, internationally bestselling author and highly sought-after Social Interaction and Conversation Coach. Let his expertise guide you through the improv comedy world and exactly, word for word, how to never run out of things to say. A single conversation can change your life, so make sure that each one is memorable.

Over 15 actionable tips that are actually practical and relateable.
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  • Kj Harrishat einen Ersteindruck geteiltvor 16 Tagen

    Great book!

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  • Samuel Tyotsua. That Zitat gemachtvor 8 Tagen
    Eliminate awkward silences and make conversation flow smoothly?
  • Kj Harrishat Zitat gemachtvor 17 Tagen
    second method is to play free association with words and phrases. Free association is when you hear a word, then you come up with another word that the first word makes you think of. The second word can be anything, and the goal is to do this instantaneously.
    For example, cat:dog, dog:puppy, puppy:paws, paws:fur, fur:allergies, allergies:medicine, medicine:nurses, nurses:doctors, doctors:plastic surgeon, plastic surgeon:fake lips, and so on. That was a free association word chain that began simply with the word cat.
    How do you train this? Pick a word at random from a dictionary, and list out fifteen words in a free association word chain as quickly as possible. Then, do it again and again – verbally, because that will require the quickest thinking.
  • Kj Harrishat Zitat gemachtvor 17 Tagen
    The first method is to take your favorite quick-witted television show with your remote in hand, because you’ll be pausing constantly. For example, 30 Rock, Gilmore Girls, or even Saturday Night Live. These are all good shows to use because there is a lot of witty banter, and direct and indirect jokes. They have the type of dialogue we want to be able to create ourselves.
    Now, pretend that you are one of the characters on the screen. It doesn’t matter who you are, as long as they have a lot of interaction with other characters. Then, when other characters reply to your character on screen, pause the show and construct your own reply. This is going to train your ability to think through different circumstances and come up with replies.

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