Rest in the Mourning, r.h. Sin
r.h. Sin

Rest in the Mourning

The calm before and after the storm. Rest in the Mourning is a steady and profound stream of conscious thoughts and emotion. Documenting unhealthy relationships and why the heart ends up in the hands of those deemed unworthy. It speaks to the heart's ability to hold on to relationships that no longer deserve our energy as well as what happens when we are ready to let go. Rest in the Mourning is about self-care and self-love.
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"don’t believe him
when he says
it was supposed to be you
because when he hangs up
the phone
after professing his love
he’ll return to the life
with the woman
he left you for"

Well, I've never been feeling so personally attacked by a book.

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Basically the whole book is about heartbreak. To sum it up in a few words.

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Diah Rahmawati
Diah Rahmawatihat Zitat gemachtvor 3 Jahren
to the morning
and the sun dissolves the moon
you find yourself
losing more of who you were
you find yourself smiling
while sadness soaks your soul
fits of laughter
just to keep the tears from falling
you’ve gotten so much better
at disguising your anguish
sometimes we wear masks so long
to hide what we truly feel
that those layers become
an extra skin, a part of our identity
and that’s what you’ve become
your reflection is the lie
that keeps others from asking you
what’s wrong or wondering why
Sarah Joseph
Sarah Josephhat Zitat gemachtvor 10 Monaten
raise your standards

and say nothing

to those

who hate

below you
Keisha Baldonado
Keisha Baldonadohat Zitat gemachtvor 6 Tagen
that keeps others from asking you
what’s wrong or wondering why
sadness lives within you
but they don’t ask anymore
they don’t see the hurt
like i do
they don’t feel your pain
like i have
you seem stronger
you seem unbreakable
but even the strongest heart gets broken
even the strongest soul
feels weak

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