The Ocean at the End of the Lane, Neil Gaiman
Neil Gaiman

The Ocean at the End of the Lane

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A brilliantly imaginative and poignant fairy tale from the modern master of wonder and terror, The Ocean at the End of the Lane is Neil Gaiman’s first new novel for adults since his #1 New York Times bestseller Anansi Boys.
This bewitching and harrowing tale of mystery and survival, and memory and magic, makes the impossible all too real…
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Ocean at the End of the Lane, Neil Gaiman
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Riccohat einen Ersteindruck geteiltvor 6 Monaten

Loved this book.

rorahat einen Ersteindruck geteiltletztes Jahr

This book is kind of scary in its own way. Also it's kinda give real world fearfulness. It's not only about 'child being hero' story. It's not only about magical world and monster, it also gives you chill in the bone when you face unwanted situation in real life as a child.

Alexander Sokolov
Alexander Sokolovhat einen Ersteindruck geteiltletztes Jahr

Приятный британский английский

I liked that. Books were safer than other people anyway.
And it wasn’t the sea. It was the ocean.
Lettie Hempstock’s ocean.
I remembered that, and, remembering that, I remembered everything.
was lost for good

был потерян навсегда

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