Magical Realism

    The Ocean at the End of the Lane, Neil Gaiman
    Fire Summer, Thuy Da Lam
    Weather Woman, Cai Emmons
    Black Sheep Boy, Martin Pousson
    A Witch's Touch, S.E.Smith
    Ten Nights Dreaming, Soseki Natsume
    The Catalain Book of Secrets, Jessica Lourey
    The Hex Witch of Seldom, Nancy Springer
    Walking the Labyrinth, Lisa Goldstein
    Luna: The Complete Collection, Violet Haze
    Toil and Trouble, Charlotte E.English
    Animated Architecture, Charlotte E.English
    Alexandru's Kiss, S.E.Smith
    Tourists, Lisa Goldstein
    The Salt Roads, Nalo Hopkinson
    The Striding Spire, Charlotte E.English
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