Martin Reib Petersen

Lebensjahre: 1950 Gegenwart




Kayla Campshat Zitat gemachtvorgestern
Today, the queen had assembled her friends to celebrate the arrival of spring. On the table before them there was freshly baked bread, gingerbread, dried fruit and fresh eggs.

“This is the loveliest time of the year,” said the queen. “When everything turns green my heart fills with joy. And this year, I have yet another reason to be happy. I was so worried that my children were gone forever.
Kayla Campshat Zitat gemachtvorgestern
“I was charged with protecting the two of them. But oftentimes, it was Daisy protecting the rest of us.”

Everyone laughed. Bramble looked proudly at his sister.

“That means I can be a knight someday, right?” Daisy asked.

Hazel nodded.
Kayla Campshat Zitat gemachtvorgestern
“He looks like someone bearing important news,” said Hazel.

The Elf leapt from his horse and ran over to the queen.

“Disaster has struck the Elves!” he gasped. “The enemy is in our land.
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