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Dorte Roholte

Dorte Roholte is a prolific Danis author for children and young adults. She has published more than 100 books.

Dorte Roholte was born in Præstø, Denmark. She trained as a pharmacy assistant before switching to writing in 1989. Inspired by a high grade and encouraging feedback on an exam essay, she leaped to write during her maternity leave, quickly finding success with children's book manuscripts accepted by Gyldendal and winning writing competitions.

She debuted in 1991 with the collection of short stories New Surroundings and has since published numerous books in various genres. In 2014, she won the Bogslugerprisen (Bookworm Prize) for her book Mærkelige Mynthe.

Her books are known for their accessibility, often written with a focus on readers with reading difficulties, making them a staple in libraries and schools across Denmark.

Roholte's son's struggle with severe dyslexia was a significant motivator for her focus on easy-to-read literature. She worked closely with him to overcome his reading challenges. Her latest easy-to-read series, Den gode konges væbner, was published in 2022 with a Lix score between 9 and 10.

Roholte always discussed the importance of Lix scores, a readability measure that indicates the complexity of a text, and how it influences her writing process. She meticulously crafts her stories to ensure they are accessible without compromising the narrative's quality or language.

In addition to her books, Roholte writes for weekly magazines like Familie Journal, Ude og Hjemme, and Hjemmet, sometimes under pseudonyms.

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