Mark Binder

Author, Story Performer, DadMark Binder's most recent books are Cinderella Spinderella and Every Hero Has a Story.Mark dedicated his first collection, The Bed Time Story Book, "To Max and the players to be named later." Now, he has a blended family with five children, and somehow manages not to be completely overwhelmed (all the time). If his body of work seems somewhat diverse, it's probably a function of the chaos. Books and stories for families Mark writes books and performs stories for all ages -- kids and adults and mixed audiences alike. Sometimes his stories are traditional or for young kids (like the Three Pigs). Some are original and outrageous and for older groups (like The Brothers Schlemiel or 317 Watermelons). Some are a blend (like Cinderella Spinderella).Mark loves working with listeners of all ages: Adults, Children, Teens, Seniors -- and mixed age groups. He is always amazed at the power spoken and written words have to connect diverse groups with each other. Writing vs. Storytelling (or Story Performing) Mark began performing stories while working on his novel,
The Brothers Schlemiel
. A friend invited him to a storytelling group and he would read them excerpts. They suggested that he try "telling" instead, and when he finally did he fell in love. Mark's live events and spoken-word albums are immediate -- not old-fashioned or dated.  If you've never seen one of his "comedy story concerts," listen to the audio, check out the videos and come and see Mark on tour. (For more info: the years Mark has studied playwrighting at the Trinity Rep Conservatory, mythology at Columbia University, dance with the Adaptors Movement Theater, storytelling with Spalding Gray, Aikido (he has a third degree blackbelt in this martial art for peace), and Yoga. In his spare time he likes to bake bread and pizza and most recently garden. Fiction for adults Like many young writers Mark set out to write the great American novel. At the time, he didn't know that Phillip Roth had already written it. He's written a vast reservoir of fictions for adults, ranging from The Brothers Schlemiel to The Buddha Who Wore Keds. His first book, "The Rationalization Diet" was a humorous anti-diet book for adults. It's recently been re-released in an expanded ebook. Other works of fiction and nonfiction are in the pipeline. The "Official" Brief Bio Mark Binder writes and tells stories for a living.He is the author who knows how to tell the right story for readers and listeners of any age.He has an eclectic collection of styles and interests, ranging from modern takes on traditional stories to bedtime favorites and even some autobiographical tall tales.Mark was born in Newton, MA, grew up in Bethesda, MD, has lived in New York, Cambridge and London and lives with his family in Providence RI. He performs all around the world. The "Official" Longer Bio Mark Binder is a fathe


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