Izzy Abrahmson

A Village Romance

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New Love For Old Souls“warm relationships, and the power of women…” – Audiofile Magazine
“Village stories that deftly lift a curtain on a world of friendly humor and touching details of Jewish life.” – Kirkus Reviews
She owns the only restaurant. He’s the wisest man in The Village. Together, they make an unlikely and lovable pair. Most romance novels end with the marriage. This one? It's in the middle.
An audiobook short from a National Jewish Book Award and Audie Award nominee!
Weddings and celebrations, stories of Rosh Hashanah, Chanukah, and Passover, and of course delicious food.
“Rabbi Kibbitz and Mrs. Chaipul will almost certainly make you laugh – and might even cause you to shed a tear.” – Jewish Rhode Island
More good press about Izzy Abrahmson's Village Life Series "The Village is snuggled in an indeterminate past that never was but certainly should have been, a past filled with love, humor, adventures and more than occasional misadventures. And when you go, be sure to bring the kids." – The Times of Israel"Delightful and whimsical.” – Jewish Herald Voice“Wired Words/Electric Prose” – Providence Phoenix“the mix-ups are many and the potential for laughter abundant.” – Jewish Book World
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