Claire Hayes

Dr Claire Hayes has worked in a variety of roles over the past thirty years, including principal teacher, clinical psychologist, lecturer, educational psychologist, executive coach, researcher and clinical director. The focus of her work continues to be on how best to help people cope with whatever is causing them distress. She has developed a particular format known as the ‘Coping Triangle’ to teach the basic principles of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) as a way of helping people understand the nature of their distress and take practical steps to do something to improve things. Her first book, Stress Relief for Teachers: The Coping Triangle, was published in 2006.Dr Hayes’s work with individuals and organisations has evolved from ‘coping with life’s challenges’ to welcoming them as opportunities to learn, grow and respond proactively. She currently works as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist ( and as Clinical Director with Aware (
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