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From Mess to Minimalism

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No-Nonsense, No-Fluff Minimalistic Makeover
Ever heard of the proverb “less is more” - that’s exactly what minimalism is all about and why it is such an efficient way of living. You are essentially freeing up the mess in your life and allowing more efficiency and freedom around you.
In a world of chaos, stress, and mess, many people are embracing the minimalist's lifestyle. Perhaps you have heard of it but never gave thought to this philosophical yet practical way of living. Minimalism has hit quite the buzz these days.
Our materialistic and consumeristic society continues to instill the notion that the amount of "stuff" we own is in direct proportion to our level of happiness; however, the more you own, the more you realize they simply become liable maintenance: cluttered household, messy workspace, overdue payments, etc. Sound familiar? All these things accumulate and contribute further to your burden, and thus hamper your life performance.
If you are constantly living day to day feeling unproductive, disorganized, distracted, stressed, or suffocated, it’s time for a spring clean to minimize your mess with "From Mess to Minimalism."
Here are some of the things that you will easily pick up on our minimalist's to-do list:
- Get rid of stuff you don't need that are only draining you
- Structure your environment using the "themed room" system
- Put away unused items with the "rock-paper-scissors" of storage
- Handle your new possessions using a "chain system" concept
- Be more resourceful to avoid burning through your finance
- Organize and manage a routine to be stress-free as possible
- Declutter and optimize workspace to improve productivity
- Live and breathe freely every day like a true minimalist
...and the list goes on to what you will be able to do being a minimalist.
Nobody enjoys living life like one big pile of clogged mess to the point where they can't breathe and function properly. Free yourself and let go of the stuff weighting you down. Embrace minimalism to maximize your life.
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