Jon A. Jackson

Hit on the House

A Motown mob war threatens to explode in this “kinetic, violent, often brutally funny” mystery featuring Detroit police detective “Fang” Mulheisen (Publishers Weekly).
When Big Sid Sedlacek thought he could skim money from the mob, it was a fatally stupid mistake—one that was corrected by hit man Hal Good. And when Good is brought into the station as a possible witness to the very murder he just committed, he switches IDs with a drunk and makes his exit before Detective Sergeant Mulheisen can question him. But having a contract killer on the loose is just one of Mulheisen’s problems.
He’s also contending with the return of an old flame, now married to a smug computer entrepreneur who’s a bit too friendly with some very dangerous mobsters. And when those mobsters start getting killed, Mulheisen realizes that Big Sid’s daughter is on a rampage of revenge—and that someone on her payroll is already one deadly step ahead of him . . . 
In this fast-paced, rough-edged police thriller “Jackson expertly taps the vein that Elmore Leonard, another Motown scribe, is noted for” (Publishers Weekly).
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