Jonathan Holt

The Boatman

A superb conspiracy thriller set in Venice, from a Sunday Times bestseller.
They found the woman's body on the steps of a church, washed up by Venice's winter tides. A tattoo on her wrist matched graffiti in an abandoned hospital, not used since the Second World War.
It's Captain Kat Tapo's first murder case, and she'll do anything to get to the truth. But as the hunt for the killer intensifies, she discovers secrets from Italy's dark wartime past that will put her in great danger…
This is the first novel in a trilogy of stylish and intelligent thrillers set in Venice from Jonathan Holt who, under the name J.P. Delaney, is also the author of the Sunday Times bestselling psychological thrillers The Girl Before and The Perfect Wife.
Previously published as The Abomination.
Reviews for The Carnivia Trilogy:
'Genuinely thrilling… An illuminating portrait of a particular world' Literary Review.
'Tense and mind-bending' Daily Telegraph.
'Breathtaking… A truly haunting glimpse into a mysterious shadow world' New York Times.
'Impressive… Venice is a magnificent backdrop for a story of secrets and lies' Daily Mail.
'A cracking, upmarket thriller… A rare entertainment for the thinking deckchair reader'Saga Magazine.
What readers are saying about The Carnivia Trilogy:
'Superb — an exciting tale involving people smuggling, the Catholic Church and US intelligence operatives… A compelling story which will appeal to readers who enjoy a mix of conspiracy theory and cover-up' Amazon Reader.
'An unravelling of several interconnected plot strands with action and twists that never stop, but at a deeper level Holt also engages with human rights and gender issues… This is a “can't put it down” novel' Amazon Reader.
'The detailed reconstruction of the setting in Venice is fabulous and is equalled both by characterisation and plot… Gripping and thrilling… and distressingly possible' Amazon Reader.
'Fabulously descriptive, intriguing, fast paced… A must-read for anyone who enjoys a good thriller that is well researched and excellently written' Amazon Reader.
'Fast paced, good characters and interesting mix of plot strands. Each book in the trilogy can be read as a stand alone, but reading all of them rounds off the story strands nicely' Amazon Reader.
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