The Little Book of Witchcraft, Astrid Carvel
Astrid Carvel

The Little Book of Witchcraft

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Are you in need of a little magic to entice love into your life?

Maybe someone you know could benefit from a good-luck spell?

Or perhaps you want to feel more in control of your destiny?

The Little Book of Witchcraft uncovers the mysteries of this ancient art and shows you how to tap into the positive natural energies of the cosmos to release your inner power. Learn about different kinds of witchcraft and its fascinating history, its symbolism and the building blocks of Wicca, and how to perform simple spells to attract good energy, luck, love, health and happiness.
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I don't know if I will be continuing this book. I disagree with it statements about witchcraft as black and white, or using green witchcraft and wicca interchangeably (I'm not sure if It was intentional, I may have misunderstood). I'm not a fan, but I also believe different things and it can be something educational for someone who's just kinda interested in witchcraft.

Definitely remember to cross-reference most of the information you find anywhere. Witchcraft is such a big practices, you should never close your mind up to different belief systems, opinions etc. Good luck on your path!
I give it worth reading, cuz it may be for someone. Not for me.

Star Magician
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Наталья Миронова
Наталья Мироноваhat Zitat gemachtvor 15 Tagen
White witchcraft harnesses nature’s power with the help of natural resources, such as crystals, herbs and the phases of the moon, along with items traditionally associated with witchcraft, such as a wand or cauldron to perform spells and rituals.
Fátimahat Zitat gemachtletzten Monat
According to a 2016 report in the Daily Mail, educated career women are showing the most interest in witchcraft
Nastassia Divonchuk
Nastassia Divonchukhat Zitat gemachtvor 2 Monaten
White witchcraft has a close association with paganism in its appreciation and worship of the natural world.
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