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Team Building inside #4: strategy & planning

Strategy and planning while having fun. Seriously?

Do you think it is impossible to create and reach peak performance within a team while having fun? Wrong! This is perfectly possible and YOU cand do it for your own team! Our « Team Building inside » booklets collection will prove it! Discover energizing and playful activities which will help you  to create and live the team spirit

We have more of a decade of experience organizing and facilitating dozens of team building events involving hundreds of participants for groups ranging from 7 to 500 people, adults and youth.

We wish to share with you our useful knowledge and pro tips to help you advance your team with cheap info and tools.

You will find activities that will stimulate the participants and encourage them to reveal their qualities and their pleasure to work together.

N°4 — Strategy and planning

In this fourth edition you will find 4 exclusive activities to stimulate and develop planning and emphasize the importance of the strategy in the implementation of any project. Team spirit is naturally highlighted in these team building workshops.

What will you find in this « Team Building inside »?

— 4 energizing and « seriously playful » activities

— « pictoskills » icons with specific skills emphasized within each activity

— 20+ photos illustrating the activities

— detailed description, required material and all the necessary stages in order to easity organize and debrief the exercise

— our pro tips downloadable resources

So, are you ready to create and live the team spirit?! Yes?
Let’s dot it!

Kind regards,

Cristina & Olivier Rebiere
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