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Barbara Cartland

A Very Unusual Wife

When the imperious Alston, Marquis of Falcon cynically announces that he is interested in marrying his daughter in order to gain a Royal appointment, the Earl of Warnborough is thoroughly pleased.
There would be many benefits to being part of his far richer neighbour’s family and estates! But the beautiful Mirabel is already betrothed and so is Deirdre, albeit secretly, which leaves only Elmina, the youngest and the Cinderella of the Warne family.
Nevertheless they are all shocked when she shyly says that she will be happy to marry the dashing Marquis.
But not as stunned as her new husband when she repels his wedding night advances with an expert Karate move!
Self-educated and schooled in the martial and equine arts, Elmina blossoms inwardly and outwardly with an unusual allure of her own.
And she prays that her handsome new husband will come to love her for herself. But, when she is kidnapped by murderous horse thieves, it seems that she will die without knowing the love she yearns for –
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    As if she knew what she was thinking, the Marquis’s arm tightened around her
  • Mary Augustowiczhat Zitat gemachtvor 4 Jahren
    I dislike publicity of any sort, for it invariably ends in trouble.”

    Remembering how the local people had talked about him and Lady Carstairs
  • Mary Augustowiczhat Zitat gemachtvor 4 Jahren
    I am sure that this will mean we shall have sightseers knocking on the gates and asking to see Shalom.”

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