Zitate aus „Bird Box“ von Josh Malerman

iidiotequehat Zitat gemachtvor 3 Monaten
We left because some people choose to wait for news and others make their own.
Gaby Muntean
Gaby Munteanhat Zitat gemachtvor 25 Tagen
She wants to plead with anyone who might listen
Think about that, Malorie. It all kind of happened in a row, each step allowed the next step to happen. All because we weren’t stagnant. We took risks. Now you’ve got to do the same.
juliasegura97hat Zitat gemachtvor 19 Tagen
“Maybe a thing has to be smart enough to lose its mind.”
vpetty22hat Zitat gemachtvor 20 Tagen
One day, the pain your mother and the pain every mother speaks of will come to you in the same form: childbirth. Only a woman can experience it and because of this all women are bonded.
vpetty22hat Zitat gemachtvor 21 Tagen
Malorie thinks. How horrible. After all this struggling, all this survival. To die because of an accident.
Briana Price
Briana Pricehat Zitat gemachtvor 21 Tagen
Your worries only keep you safe long enough to worry some more.”
Nur Afrina
Nur Afrinahat Zitat gemachtletzten Monat
placid afternoons, tempestuous evenings,
Nur Afrina
Nur Afrinahat Zitat gemachtletzten Monat
a pile of musty coats conceals purple scratches
when the sky turns black and is suddenly, beautifully, spotted with stars.
Shannon Kurzweil
Shannon Kurzweilhat Zitat gemachtgestern
Suddenly the bathroom door opens. Malorie reaches for a towel.
This is what a grave smells like. This is death.
Smira Rao
Smira Raohat Zitat gemachtvor 4 Tagen
As the life grows around her, it seems to diminish within.
ugh the house and the earth beneath it just vanished, exposing her to the outside world entirely. Yet, in the mania of the moment, she holds tight to the concept of the blindfold. No matter what tools
“Maybe I am immune, Malorie. Or maybe I’m simply aware.”
the hope that inspired her, encouraged her, and made her believe that it’s better to face madness with a plan than to sit still and let it take you in pieces.
Blindness, Malorie, was the absolute protection. But that was the old way.
They were told they would go mad. So they go mad.
You can smell it, too. Death. Dying. Decay. The sky is falling, the sky is dying, the sky is dead.
The communal birdsong swells and peaks before it flattens, twists, and the boundaries explode. Malorie hears it like she’s inside of it. Like she’s trapped in an aviary with a thousand madcap birds. It feels like a cage was lowered over them all. A cardboard box. A bird box. Blocking out the sun forever.
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