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Tessa I Richter

Our Secret Potentential

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Tessa says: «In the early 2000's I woke up, unable to move my right shoulder. The excruciating pain was the result of operations I had as a teenager after dislocating my shoulder, combined with the effects of being a professional musician for over 35 years. The specialist I consulted told me there was nothing he could do for me except put in an artificial joint, and he couldn't guarantee I would be without pain.

I felt like my life was over, like I had reached old age in a matter of seconds: no more music making, no more painting, no writing and no sports. But the next thought was: this could be my life challenging me to put to use everything I've explored and learned over the past 30 years.»

Understand the principles of how our minds works, how the heart is a source of boundless energy, how by trusting our gut feelings and cooperating with life we can go to places we never dreamed were possible for us.

Learn what we are capable of as human beings, and how a purposeful life using our full potential allows us to perform what we would normally perceive to be miracles.
Entering these new territories leads to better health, happiness and success.
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