A comprehensive, reliable and up-to-date scholarly introduction to the world of the Hebrew Bible — its cultural setting, literary form, social backgrounds, ritual nature, and its images of humanity and of God. The 33 sections are written by selected specialists from various denominations and all German-speaking countries. Within a manageable scope, they discuss wide-ranging topics such as 'The Bible and history', 'Bible, Judaism, Christianity', 'the formation of the canon', 'individual and community', 'worship', 'suffering and death', and 'God's love and wrath'. Brief footnotes, special bibliographies and an index help the reader link together and deepen the information provided. The book offers a compact but nuanced overview of the 'Old' or 'First Testament', for students, those involved in the church or with cultural interests, those who are distanced from the Bible and also people curious about religion, academics, and non-academics. It can be read alone or in groups, continuously or following selected topics — drawing readers in to the fascinating 'world of the Hebrew Bible'.
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