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Christian Bernard

Why men want sex, and women love. What men and women want from sex and love

The main hormone in sexual desire is testosterone. In the body of men testosterone is more than in the body of women, almost 20 times. Therefore, men are hairy, tall and look sexy.

Since the female body has a lot of oxytocin, it becomes an explanation that women tend to fall in love more than men…
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    In the relationship between a man and a woman, the following pattern operates: a woman needs money, and a man receives services.
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    But, when will the man be able to get married? According to statistics, closer to 27 years in the body of a male testosterone begins to decline. It is at this age that the guy is completely ready for a marriage relationship.
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    It is worthwhile to say that men can be attracted to what they can see, and not what exists in reality.

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