Neil Gaiman,E.H.Jones

The Road to En-dor

I followed them on a journey into nightmares, as what seemed to be a simple escape plan (simple? A lunatic escape plan of infinite complexity and unlikelihood, more like) transmuted and transformed' Neil Gaiman, from the foreword Captured during the First World War, Lieutenant E.H. Jones and Lieutenant C.W. Hill are prisoners of war at the Yozgad prison camp in Turkey. With no end to the war in sight and to save themselves from boredom, the prisoners hit upon the idea of making of a makeshift Ouija board to keep themselves entertained. But Jones, it turns out, has a natural skill for manipulating his fellow inmates, and Hill ably fulfils the role of magician's assistant and partner in crime. As their deception succeeds beyond their wildest imagination, other possibilities begin to emerge. What if this new-found hobby could be put to better use? Together Jones and Hill conjure up an almost unbelievable plot to dupe their captors into setting them free, featuring séances, ghost-guided treasure hunts and faked suicides. A runaway success when fi rst published, this true life-story is a remarkable tale of courage, ingenuity and resilience in the face of adversity. This brand new edition contains never-before-seen letters and photographs, an introduction from the descendants of E.H. Jones and a foreword by Neil Gaiman and is published alongside a free companion ebook containing even more fascinating material.
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