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Oscar Wilde

The Canterville Ghost

The Canterville Ghost — Oscar Wilde — “The Canterville Ghost” is a humorous (Horror) short story by Oscar Wilde♥. The story is about an American family who moved to a castle haunted by the ghost of a dead English nobleman, who killed his wife and was then walled in and starved to death by his wife's brothers. It has been adapted for the stage and screen several times.

★Summary of the Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde★

“The Canterville Ghost” begins with the sale of an old British mansion called Canterville Chase to Horace B. Otis, an American minister.

Though the former owner, Lord Canterville, warns Mr. Otis that the mansion is haunted, Mr. Otis is not worried and replies that ghosts do not exist. Soon after, Mr. Otis moves into the Chase with the rest of his family: his wife, Lucretia; his eldest son, Washington; his fifteen-year-old daughter, Virginia; and his two younger twin boys.

Upon moving in, Mrs. Otis notices a dull red stain on the ground and requests that it be cleaned.

Their housekeeper reveals that it is a bloodstain from the murder of Lady Eleanore de Canterville, who was killed in 1575 with the aid of her husband, Sir Simon de Canterville, and that it cannot be removed. She warns Mrs. Otis that Sir Simon's guilty ghost still haunts Canterville Chase.

Dismissing the housekeeper's story as nonsense, Washington shortly pulls out a container of Pinkerton's Champion Stain Remover, scrubbing it onto the spot until the stain is gone. As soon as the stain is removed, lightning flashes and a peal of thunder rocks the house. The housekeeper faints in terror.

Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde★
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