Flora W. Green

The Heat Wave – Erotic Short Story

Returning to Brittany, environmental champions Marylin and Louise belt out Katy Perry tunes, celebrating their successful talks on micro-plastics. Their joy ride abruptly becomes a trap when lightning strikes — trees collapse ahead and behind them, leaving them stranded amid the storm.
As panic fades into eerie calm in their backseat refuge, they venture into unexpected territory — shared fantasies. Could this trapped-in-a-storm scenario be the thrilling moment they've always dreamed of?
Flora W. Green is a writer of erotic fiction born in Versailles in 1969. Her erotic short stories are as delicate as they are surprising, and her aim is to provide a space where people can explore their desires without fear or complexes. Flora W. Green wishes to touch the depths of desire and eroticism, and in so doing hopes to offer enriching reflections on human sexuality through her sensual and exciting words.
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