Phyllida Shrimpton

The Storyteller by the Sea

'Uplifting and delightful, you will be hooked from the very first page.' Faith Hogan

A heartwarming and uplifting new novel, perfect story for fans of Sally Page and Hazel Prior.

Melody spends her days combing the shore for items washed up on her beach. She collects them in her basket and takes them back to Spindrift, her weathered little bungalow overlooking the sea, and weaves stories about her treasures.
Everything Melody thinks she could ever need is right where she is, cupped by the rocks that shape her bay. But Melody has been keeping a secret…
When she learns that her little corner of Devon is under threat from developers looking to modernise the strip of coast on which Spindrift stands, Melody realises she is about to lose all she has ever known. Is it time for her to tell her own story — a story of love, loss, secrets and lies?
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