The Greatness Guide, Robin Sharma
Robin Sharma

The Greatness Guide

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Robin Sharma, one of the world's top success coaches and author of the international bestseller ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’, offers 10 high-impact lessons for success.
‘The Greatness Guide’ is a strikingly powerful and enormously practical handbook that will inspire you to get to world class in both your personal and professional life. Written by Robin Sharma, one of the world's top success coaches and a man whose ideas have been embraced by celebrity CEO's, leading entrepreneurs, rock stars and royalty, as well as by many FORTUNE 500 companies, ‘The Greatness Guide’ contains a proven formula that will help you meet your highest potential and live an extraordinary life.
• The personal practices of spectacularly successful people
• Potent ideas to get your organisation to greatness
• Specific strategies to turn setbacks into opportunities
• Revolutionary tactics for peak performance
• How to attract true wealth along with real happiness
• Breakthrough ideas to generate excellent health and an “energy explosion”
• Tools for work-life balance and ways to experience a lot more fun.
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are using our unique process to increase employee engagement, enhance culture, dramatically boost performance and produce superior business results
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fan. Please, could you do a little drawing for me?” Picasso happily complied and quickly etched out a piece of art for her on the paper provided. He smiled as he handed it back to her, and said, “That will be a million dollars.” “But Mr. Picasso,” the flustered woman replied, “it only took you 30 seconds to do this little masterpiece.” “My good woman,” Picasso laughed, “it took me 30 years to do that masterpiece in 30 seconds.”

Focus plus daily improvement
plus time equals genius. Understand that
formula deeply and your life
will never be the same.
Know what you can excel at—your genius. Discover your talents and

вентилатор. Моля, можете ли да направите малко рисуване за мен? Пикасо щастливо изпълни и бързо извади произведение на изкуството за нея на предоставената хартия. Той се усмихна, докато й я върна и каза: „Това ще е милион долара.“ - Но господин Пикасо - отвърна обърканата жена, - отнеха ви само 30 секунди, за да направите този малък шедьовър. - Моята добра жена - засмя се Пикасо, - отне ми 30 години, за да направя този шедьовър за 30 секунди.

Фокус плюс ежедневно подобрение
плюс време се равнява на гений. Разбери това
формула дълбоко и вашия живот
никога няма да е същото.
Знайте в какво можете да се отличите - вашият гений. Открийте своите таланти и

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So the word ‘guru’ simply speaks of one who dispels the darkness and brings more understanding and light.”

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